Some weatherballoons might be six dimensional ;).

Greetings followers, just another page. I'm still exploring the manhattan ufo sightings news. here a little compilation...

FAA says it MIGHT have been a balloon.
Are people so dumb that they can't identify a weather balloon ?
So you can fly with a balloon above Manhattan without the knowledge of FAA , even after 911 ?.
Helicopters or perhaps Superman;) ? I don't think so.
Doesn't it mean that the Airforce doesn't control their airspace ?
There was something in the air , the people saw it!
One thing is sure. UFO sightings are getting more frequent.
Weird about the Manhattan ufo sightings is that they have been predicted!

Look at the crowd , the reaction , normal people like you and me. They realy saw something , a weatherballon ?
For godsake it's 2010 I think most people can identify a weatherballoon.


UFOs over Manhattan Discussion (14/10/2010)

It's all played down.
But listen what nasa man says. There might be bacteria on mars ?
If there are aliens in the universe they are too far away.
Define far away 20lightyears 100lightyears 1000lightyears ?
Well we cant travel with lightspeed so they (aliens) can't either. And nothing can travel faster than light. Wrong!
Einsteins Relativity 1905 states mass cant travel faster than light but relativity IS NOT a TOE (theory of everthing) , there might be loopholes that allow traveling at faster speeds than the speed of light
WE dont know it yet.but one thing is for sure , this universe has more than 3 dimensions. one of the best theory we have is the brane theory a theory that predicts many more dimensions.
Perhaps is ET not extraterestial but extradimensional , how weird it may sound even modern physics accepts the fact that there might be more than one universe
afterall some weatherballoons might be six dimensional.